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Denis M. Adriano
(55) 11 99961-9712
US / UK Representation
Clarice Laus (US/UK)
(55) 11 96769-2449
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Denis Milani Adriano also (DMA, Denis M. Adriano, Denis Adriano) is a creative director, art director, designer and illustrator since 2002. With 10 years of experience in the Broadcast communication and design, he believes in art as a best way to turbocharge ideas and create pieces that really make the difference.. Living in Sao Paulo - Brazil, he has worked on several television companies, responsible for building and creation brands, concepts, artworks, animatics, and High-end opening titles.

The Motor...

"Motor" is a selection of my work in the direction of creation, art direction and design: (thinker and maker). It is also the place where I switch off the world, "MOTOR" for me, is what do propels, what creates movement, a movement which transforms, transcends barriers, which makes dreams, just take off and take you to another dimension of colors and shapes.


* 2011 - Record Magazine: Branding Creation
* 2007 - Adobe Show Reel : Best Brazillian Reel
* 2006 - Adobe Show Reel : Best Brazillian Reel

Show Reel 2011/2012


Hi folks...
Bringing together some of the work in 2011 and 2012 in design, branding, animation, creative and art direction. Abig hug to all the customers and friends who collaborate with me.

See you later, alligator.